Garbage, organics, recycling, garden refuse

Garbage, organics, recycling, garden refuse

Garbage Collection is every second Tuesday.

Organic waste collection is every Tuesday.

Recycling  is every Wednesday.

Coventry Woods has a private contract with Progressive Waste to collect our garbage and recycling.

They pick up our organics (green bin) for composting early every Tuesday morning.  The only time these pickups move are the weeks of Christmas and New Years. Organics bins have been provided to each unit.  In case one breaks, a replacement can be requested at

Sierra Waste Management is the Blue Box recycling company that the Township of Langley uses, and we also use them. They come on Wednesday.

Recycling pickup changes to Thursday after a holiday.

Not sure what goes where?  The Township of Langley has useful information about the various types of waste on its web pages:

Returnables: There are bins by the clubhouse for containers which can be returned for a deposit. The proceeds of the returns help buy the lovely plants you see around the complex  

Garden refuse

Our landscapers, Fraser Stratacare, will pick up garden waste from owners’ pruning, weeding, etc.   Put it out in a bin on your garage apron on Tuesday. Please do not put anything but plant materials in garden waste, as it is going to the compostable green dump.

Please do not throw any garden waste into the creek conservation areas. The rule of thumb is that if it didn’t come from the creek area, don’t put it there. Also, the storm sewers empty into fish-bearing streams and connect to the Fraser River, so please do not put anything into the storm drains.