Strata Council and Property Manager

Strata Council and Property Manager


PRESIDENT and SECRETARY: Diane Fletcher   Unit #26    

VICE PRESIDENT: Jae Smigel  Unit#1  

TREASURER: Brenda Wilson   Unit #54    

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE: Dave Cieszecki   Unit #78  


MEMBER AT LARGE: Ed Kennedy   Unit#8  

MEMBER AT LARGE: Helene Elias   Unit # 95  



CARETAKER CO-SUPERVISOR: Brenda Wilson and Diane Fletcher

MAJOR PROJECTS CO-CHAIRS: Ed Kennedy and Dave Cieszecki

Council members’ phone numbers are listed in the Owners Only section:


Work requests may be placed in the box in the mail room.  They are picked up several times a week. Some requests can be dealt with quickly, while other maintenance issues are part of larger projects and may be completed when those projects are done.

Correspondence to council for discussion at monthly council meetings can be dropped into the Strata Council box in the mail room
Council meetings are generally held on the first or second Thursday of each month.

Property Manager is Brendan Materi. The property management company handles strata finances, takes care of strata fee accounting and advises the strata council.

Dwell Property Management Suite 170 – 4311 Viking Way Richmond, BC V6V 2K9

Attention: Brendan Materi

Phone/ Emergency Pager: (604) 821-2999 Fax: (604) 821-1822 Direct: (604) 248-0750. Email:

WEBSITE: Owners are asked to visit

and log in with their username and password for official strata information.

 unit 88    Caretaker Monitor + Building Maint.