News and Notices

News and Notices

June 6, 2024


The Fibre network upgrade is nearing completion in the Complex. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation. Telus will now be having a post build event to help existing TELUS customers move on to the new PureFibre network. They will start with door-to-door contact with all Owners on:
Thursday, June 13th to Saturday, June 15th, Thursday to Friday 3:00 to 7:00 PM, Saturday 1:00 – 5:00 PM
I am sure they will also be talking to Owners who have a contract with Rogers/Shaw. We agreed to this soliciting when we authorized the free FibreOptic installation, but Rogers/Shaw customers are under no obligation to switch to Telus.
TELUS will finish up with an appreciation outdoor event on the Saturday which includes a food or ice cream truck.

AAA Allquest Contracting & Restoration Services will be on site the week of June 10th to carry out mold remediation in two of the Electrical Sheds [Shed #1(Just downhill from Unit 6) and Shed #6 (in between Units 34 and 35)]. This mold has been growing on the ceilings of these two sheds for several years (likely initially caused by water ingress before the roofs were replaced in 2022) and is now to the point where it is at Level 3 and requires hazardous abatement by professionals. FOR YOUR SAFETY, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE SHEDS WHILE THIS WORK IS BEING CARRIED OUT NEXT WEEK.

Diane Fletcher, Strata President and Dona Klyn, Landscaping Committee will be away on vacation from June 18th until July 10th. Brenda Wilson will step into the President’s position during this time period. Please forward your email concerns to Brenda until July 11th.

Council is aware it has been an inconvenience for some Owners to be without the Spa. With Council approval, a Committee has been formed by Wayne Bernard, Jack Van Dyck, and Garry Jackson to investigate the hot tub leak and integrity of the land under the hot tub. Dave Cieszecki and Dona Klyn are the liaison Council Members involved.
Council Members will be doing a door-to-door survey over the next few weeks to determine how the Spa is used by the Owners. In addition to the Spa survey, the Council Members will be presenting a plan for funding the maintenance of the Complex. Owners will be able to give input into setting priorities for maintenance and have their questions answered.

Thank You,
Diane Fletcher


Note from Council re Chris’s return to work

April 16th, 2024

We want to welcome Chris back to work on Wednesday, April 17th.   

His work schedule is 7:30 until 4pm, Monday to Friday.

The hours will change closer to the pool opening, 7am to 3:30pm.

If you require Strata work done on your Unit, we ask you not to phone Chris or email his private address.   Please fill out the Service Request form and place it in the locked box in the Mailroom at the Clubhouse.

There is a downloadable form on this web site under Owners Only (no password required). Once it is printed and filled in,  you must still deliver the Service Request to the Locked box in the Mailroom, so the form can be numbered and processed.  We want to make sure all forms can be tracked and are not lost.

You can contact Chris to welcome him back, but please do not do so while he is working from 7:30 to 4pm.  Unfortunately, Chris has come back to a busy Spring and Summer work load and we all want to see things completed before the fall.

Thank you,

Diane Fletcher, President



Notice to Owners, April 4, 2024

Bird Feeders: When walking the Complex, assessing for repairs, we noticed some Owners have Bird Seed Feeders in their back yards. Our Bylaws state that we are allowed to have Hummingbird feeders ONLY, but NO bird seed feeders. Please remove your Bird Seed Feeders as soon as possible as they attract pests.

Wood Rot at Foundations of Units: We have begun the repairs on the trim boards that have rot and discovered a possible reason is the soil in the garden beds is too close to the boards. Please ensure that soil and plants are pulled back at least 4 to 6 inches from the foundation. If possible, place a perimeter of rocks so there is better drainage and airflow around the boards to prevent moisture and rot. When watering, please try to avoid hitting the trim boards.

Service Request Forms: The template for the new 2 sided form will be available on the Coventry Woods website for those Owners who want to print it out in their homes. The completed form must be brought to the Clubhouse and deposited in the Service Request Box. This ensures the forms will be recorded properly and not lost.

Gate Remotes: Thibault has adjusted the vehicle gates to make our remotes more responsive. Thibault advises Owners to press and release the button on your remote to open the gate. Do not hold the button down, as this will interfere with the function of the remote and the gates will not respond as quickly.

Volunteers: We are looking for help to clear the property and spread the soil across from Units 18 and 19 where the visitor parking is located. Anyone who is available the morning of Friday, April 12th at 10:00am (weather permitting), please contact Diane at 604-833-9132.

Pressure Washing the Units: We are going to postpone the window washing and pressure washing of Units until next year due to budget constraints. This year, we are focusing on repairing and painting the rotting trim boards and fences in the Complex. The siding that has green growth will be addressed this year.

Garage Sale in Complex: We are planning a Complex wide Garage Sale for Saturday, May 25th. Further details to follow for those who would like to participate.

Thank you from your Strata Council.

From your strata council:

Minutes Feb 15_24 Follow-Up

Service Requests: A review of recent service request identified several common requests that are the Owner’s responsibility.

#1. Mice Infestation:  The BC Government website, ‘Managing rat and mouse pests’, is an excellent resource If you have a mouse problem you cannot manage, please call a Pest Control Company of your choice as soon as possible. Council is not responsible for Pest Control costs unless the rodents have gained access to the connecting wall between Units. If this has occurred, the cost to remedy the situation would have to be negotiated with the Strata and Owner, on a unit to unit basis. If you have had good success with a Pest Control Company, please share the name with Council. Checking the exterior of your Unit for areas mice can gain access is important; examples are under trim boards, holes in garage walls, etc. If you are unable to do this yourself, please ask a family member, friend or neighbour to help you. If entry points are found, use steel wool or other methods to block the openings. Council is making plans for future repairs to rotted trim boards; it will be discussed at the March Council meeting. Please act quickly if you think you have rodent problems, as delays will allow them to multiply and cause more damage and stress. Often garage doors are left open for ventilation which allows easy access for rodents. If you must leave your garage door open, please only leave the side door open and block the bottom half of the door with plywood or other solid material, to prevent mice getting in. Always use your screen doors when leaving front and sliding patio doors open. Flexible seals are used at the bottom of garage doors in the complex because they create a better seal. Unfortunately, the budget does not allow us to change all the damaged garage seals in the same year. Priority will be given to the garage door seals with the most damage. If you notice any open areas around the plumbing in your cabinets, use steel wool or other means to plug the holes, this will help prevent mice in the walls gaining access to your cupboards. I hope you have found this information helpful.

#2. Ants The following information was posted in the Vancouver Sun. Ant scouts enter your home looking for crumbs, spills, oil and grease, and any accessible items in your pantry. Behind them, they leave an invisible trail that will be followed by an army of ants. Soap and water is your best early defence. Locate where the ants are entering your home and spray the area with a mix of dish soap and water. Also, be sure to spray the trail they are following so you wipe out the pheromone that is being left for other ants. The soap and water confuses them. Don’t give into temptation and stomp them with your shoe. Ants come and collect the squashed ants if you leave them there. It ends up being a free meal and you are essentially feeding them. Squashing is not preventing. Ants generally only have five per cent of their colony outside of the colony at any time. Use the small ant traps in areas where you cannot spray. Liquid ant bait with Borate is a good solution for small ant invasions. (Liquid Ant Out works well). The positive thing about the domestic products is they usually have just a 0.025 concentration of borate which is perfect for households. Anything higher than that concentration and it will kill the ants instantly that come in contact with it, and that’s not what you want. With the lower concentration, the ants will take some back to the nest for other ants to consume, therefore you can kill the ants at the source. If you see one or two ants in winter or early spring, leave out a more diluted mix of borate-based ant bait. Mix the domestic product with some sort of sweet substance like apple juice and put it out in an application tool like a shallow lid. The ants have gone all winter without food so even the low-concentrated domestic products will be too strong and kill them. You want them to take the bait back to the nest. (Credit to Scott Brown, writer for Vancouver Sun)

#3. Sewer smells inside the Unit:  Some people are complaining of intermittent sewer smells in their Units. The source of the smell can come from several different areas. There is a good article online by: Mr. Rooter ‘Why Does My House Smell Like Sewage’.,is%20buildup%20in%20the%20overflow.

It is a lengthy article that offers a lot of good information and ways the homeowner can fix the problem. If the homeowner fixes do not work, it is best to call a professional plumber.

#4. Water leaking around bathroom fan: This is a combination Owner and Strata issue. If you notice water leaking from your fan or water stains on the ceiling around the fan, fill out a Service Request and write URGENT on it. We will contact you quickly. It may be the ventilation pipe from the fan to the roof, that goes through the attic, needs to be insulated. This is Strata’s responsibility. We will do our best to get the insulation installed. However, this may not be the only problem. These issues are the Owners responsibility: Problems with the fan itself. To get rid of moisture, turn on the fan while taking a shower or bath and run it for 10 to 15 minutes afterward. That way, condensation doesn’t build up and remain in the pipes. And don’t forget to CLEAN your bathroom exhaust fan regularly to prevent buildup and malfunctioning. Older and slower ventilation fans are less effective at moving moisture out of the bathroom. To make sure your bathroom stays moisture-free, replace your fan when it’s reached the end of its life cycle. To repair the stain on the ceiling, make sure the ceiling is dry and use a stain blocking ceiling primer, followed by high quality ceiling paint for “bathrooms” or “kitchens”. Good Luck. I hope you have found some of the information useful. Diane Fletcher/President Strata Council


Effective immediately, Chris will be on leave for the next 8 weeks. Do not contact Chris about any Strata matters.
In case of an emergency, please contact any Council member:
Diane Fletcher – 604-833-9132
Jae Smigel – 604-202-3723
Brenda Wilson – 778-868-5249
Dave Cieszecki – 604-835-2127
Dona Klyn – 604-882-5088
Helene Elias – 604-218-7982
Also, our Property Manager, Brendan Materi, is available in an emergency to be paged 24 hours a day through the Dwell paging service (604-821-2999) and he will respond quickly.
Non-emergency repairs should continue to be requested on the paper Service Request forms in the Mail Room and placed in the Service Request Box. The Service Request Box will be checked daily.
We will keep you informed as pertinent information is received.
Diane Fletcher, President
Brenda Wilson, Treasurer



Just letting everyone know about the Nutrimulch that’s been placed on some of the bases of shrubs, trees and cedar hedges by Fraser Strata Care. It’s a combination of bark mulch and manure to bring much needed nutrients to the exposed roots and new trees. It will be done over 2-3 years due to budget restraints, therefore only 1/2 of the complex has been completed, starting from the south end, a choice made by the gardeners. For those areas that will be done next year,it’ll be something to look forward to as it’s already an improvement to the appearance of our complex, as well as its health. Thankyou. I hope this meets your satisfaction. Dona, your landscaping supervisor.



Sierra Waste Company has requested all waste and recycling be placed within one meter from the end of your apron/driveway.

If it is not within the one meter parameter your waste or recycling will not be picked up.



Clubhouse use

Following new guidelines from the Province and Fraser Health, restrictions on the use of clubhouse facilities, which were put in place for COVID-19, have been lifted.  Masks are optional, there are no capacity limits, and reservations are no longer required to use the gym. It is now up to individuals to assess their level of risk and their comfort level with various types of gatherings. Courtesy and cleanliness are still important.
The clubhouse common room is a shared resource. With the lifting of occupancy restrictions there will be times when individuals and groups will share the common areas.  This is how it should be—please be courteous so that everyone can enjoy the space.
Slow Down. We still have a problem with vehicles speeding in the complex, and some of the speeders are Coventry Woods owners. This is a serious issue–we really don’t want anyone to get hurt. Please take special care in the area by the clubhouse, where there are often pedestrians and cars pulling out of parking spots and garages.
The speed limit in the complex is 15 km/hour.  Per our bylaws we can assess fines of up to $200 to speeders.
5S7A7282Attention photographers:   We are looking for some nice seasonal photos of local scenery for the web site heading and for our photo gallery.
The header program randomly cycles through a selection of pictures as people click on the different pages.  A horizontal photo works best.  The ideal size is 1600 x 400 pixels–we can crop to fit.  Max upload size is 2500 pixels. Send them as attachment to Susan Perkins at